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masterFixed some undrawn space around border of the field.Jeffrey Armstrong2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-22Fixed some undrawn space around border of the field.HEADmasterJeffrey Armstrong
2020-04-11Removed DEBUG macro from unix makefileJeffrey Armstrong
2020-04-09Build a binary when a release is createdJeff Armstrong
2020-04-09Update and rename main.yml to ci.ymlJeff Armstrong
2020-04-09Changed artifact nameJeff Armstrong
2020-04-09Added a compiled, archived game as an artifactJeff Armstrong
2020-04-09Rename main.yml to .github/workflows/main.ymlJeff Armstrong
2020-04-09Merge pull request #1 from ArmstrongJ/continuous-integrationJeff Armstrong
2020-04-09Introducing CI buildsJeff Armstrong
2020-04-08Removed the local gcc compiler pathJeffrey Armstrong