AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-15Added a Windows Store linkJeffrey Armstrong
2020-12-02Fixed status bar rendering issues in AppGraphics due to double-buffering.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-12-02Added a new abstract call for renderers to signal layout completion. Switch ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
AppGraphics renderer to double-buffered for smooth display. Accelerated mouse wheel.
2020-10-31Increased socket read timeout.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-09-29Added some assets and a privacy policyJeffrey Armstrong
2020-09-25Fixed some rendering issues where an infinite loop could occur calculating ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
line wrapping. Added icons on Win32.
2020-09-25Added a homepage on Windows that showcases AppGraphics.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Added back more fixes for GNU makefileJeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Added proper license notices to new files.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Re-enabled Windows GUI mode for pretty controls.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Added support for mouse wheel scrollingJeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Fixed a ruined makefile generated on a Raspberry Pi.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Updated GNU MakefileJeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Updated snap versionJeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Favorites can be removed too. Added some robustness to loading favorites, ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
especially when there are none remaining.
2020-08-11Favorites and internal pages are now working. Added symbols to buttons in ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
Windows based on new AppGraphics release.
2020-08-10Fixed favorite loading that caused string filling and pointer crashes. Now ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
calls win32 CreateDirectory on Windows. Fixed Fave button on Windows.
2020-08-10Dumb renderer now can mark favorites correctly. Placeholder for handling ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
internal links.
2020-08-08Fixed array overrun due to conversion of string from c pointer to Fortran ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-08Added make_directory subroutine. Fixed allocatable favorites to be pointers ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
instead so the program doesn't crash.
2020-08-08Initial work on favorites added. Probably flat-out wrong...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-07-01Pass actual timeout variable size on win32 and unix.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-07-01Added socket timeout setting of 3 seconds, works on win32, needs unixy testing.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-18Snap version updateJeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-18Improved line wrapping calcs to search for break from beginning of string. ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
Fixed unnecessary connection error when reporting unsupported protocol by adding a protocol fail status.
2020-06-14end-of-file marker should no longer be printed.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-09Removed a debug output. Updated versioning for snaps.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-09Added support for quotes that are new in the spec. Looks pretty on Win32, ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
untested in dumb renderer.
2020-06-08Line wrapping now computed only once for proportional text unless requested ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
by the renderer, providing better performance.
2020-06-03Added true error conditions to block infinite requests on failure.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-02Minor change to layout engine to support proper line break tracking in the ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
future. Updated snap version.
2020-06-02Added a source zip file to the unix makefileJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-31Imported jessl from GNC with major fix to library init code.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Links are now shown in status bar when moused over in AppGraphics rendererJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Code cleanup and better error handling on the AppGraphics renderer.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Added an additional failure condition. Exit dumb_renderer on error with ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
initial site.
2020-05-27Fixed handling of status code in renderers. Added a desired_url variable to ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
maintain a current_url when a failure occurs.
2020-05-23Introduced new handling of other protocols under windows. Likely broke dumb ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
renderer for the moment.
2020-05-21Minor fix to readmeJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-21Minor readme updates.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-21Merge branch 'master' of lilarm.approximatrix.com:gemini-fortranJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-21Fixed first lines being removed after changes to status line handling. ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
Window title on AppGraphics now resets on new pages.
2020-05-21Updated GNU makefile. Changed snap version to 0.6.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-21Added binary handler for windows gui. Fixed opening and writing of binary ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
files so it works on windows too. Removed all tabs from link lines for simpler processing.
2020-05-21Binary files are now actually handled in the dumb terminal version.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-19Updated snap version to 0.5Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-19Minor changes to attempt to improve button rendering in the AppGraphics ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-19Requests should now include SNI over TLSJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-18Deleted some extraneous debug print statements. Added another image to the ↵Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-18Fixed appending the last site on back operations, resulting in death of back ↵Jeffrey Armstrong