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2020-12-02Fixed status bar rendering issues in AppGraphics due to double-buffering.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-12-02Added a new abstract call for renderers to signal layout completion. Switch ...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-09-25Fixed some rendering issues where an infinite loop could occur calculating li...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-09-25Added a homepage on Windows that showcases AppGraphics.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Added support for mouse wheel scrollingJeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Favorites and internal pages are now working. Added symbols to buttons in Wi...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-10Fixed favorite loading that caused string filling and pointer crashes. Now c...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-08Initial work on favorites added. Probably flat-out wrong...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-09Added support for quotes that are new in the spec. Looks pretty on Win32, un...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-08Line wrapping now computed only once for proportional text unless requested b...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Links are now shown in status bar when moused over in AppGraphics rendererJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Code cleanup and better error handling on the AppGraphics renderer.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-23Introduced new handling of other protocols under windows. Likely broke dumb ...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-21Fixed first lines being removed after changes to status line handling. Windo...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-19Minor changes to attempt to improve button rendering in the AppGraphics rende...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-18Fixed rendering when an error occurs in GUI client. GUI client window title ...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-14Resizing implemented, but there are some little artifacts and nasty library b...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-14Added scrolling and status bar to windows GUI rendererJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-14Added a very minimal address bar for the windows GUI modeJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-14Initial commit of an AppGraphics renderer that actually works, though it does...Jeffrey Armstrong