AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-21Disabled making the name nice on PC GEM since it pollutes the accessories men...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-03-19Updated copyright and the readme a little bitJeffrey Armstrong
2020-03-15Fixed redraw issues by actually passing the dirty rectangle into the redraw r...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-03-08Added pause via P to the game. Added little instructions to the window in th...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-02-15Added a score to the game that redraws nicely!Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-02-14Added menu_register call to make game title pretty. Updated the About box.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-02-14Fixed in-game resizing and all event loop handling in general. Fixed menu re...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-02-14Now compiles with gcc under modern mint.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-02-14Initial import of original codeJeffrey Armstrong