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Initial import based on Lua 5.3.5
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+** $Id: ltable.h,v 2018/05/24 19:39:05 roberto Exp $
+** Lua tables (hash)
+** See Copyright Notice in lua.h
+#ifndef ltable_h
+#define ltable_h
+#include "lobject.h"
+#define gnode(t,i) (&(t)->node[i])
+#define gval(n) (&(n)->i_val)
+#define gnext(n) ((n)->
+/* 'const' to avoid wrong writings that can mess up field 'next' */
+#define gkey(n) cast(const TValue*, (&(n)->i_key.tvk))
+** writable version of 'gkey'; allows updates to individual fields,
+** but not to the whole (which has incompatible type)
+#define wgkey(n) (&(n)->i_key.nk)
+#define invalidateTMcache(t) ((t)->flags = 0)
+/* true when 't' is using 'dummynode' as its hash part */
+#define isdummy(t) ((t)->lastfree == NULL)
+/* allocated size for hash nodes */
+#define allocsizenode(t) (isdummy(t) ? 0 : sizenode(t))
+/* returns the key, given the value of a table entry */
+#define keyfromval(v) \
+ (gkey(cast(Node *, cast(char *, (v)) - offsetof(Node, i_val))))
+LUAI_FUNC const TValue *luaH_getint (Table *t, lua_Integer key);
+LUAI_FUNC void luaH_setint (lua_State *L, Table *t, lua_Integer key,
+ TValue *value);
+LUAI_FUNC const TValue *luaH_getshortstr (Table *t, TString *key);
+LUAI_FUNC const TValue *luaH_getstr (Table *t, TString *key);
+LUAI_FUNC const TValue *luaH_get (Table *t, const TValue *key);
+LUAI_FUNC TValue *luaH_newkey (lua_State *L, Table *t, const TValue *key);
+LUAI_FUNC TValue *luaH_set (lua_State *L, Table *t, const TValue *key);
+LUAI_FUNC Table *luaH_new (lua_State *L);
+LUAI_FUNC void luaH_resize (lua_State *L, Table *t, unsigned int nasize,
+ unsigned int nhsize);
+LUAI_FUNC void luaH_resizearray (lua_State *L, Table *t, unsigned int nasize);
+LUAI_FUNC void luaH_free (lua_State *L, Table *t);
+LUAI_FUNC int luaH_next (lua_State *L, Table *t, StkId key);
+LUAI_FUNC lua_Unsigned luaH_getn (Table *t);
+#if defined(LUA_DEBUG)
+LUAI_FUNC Node *luaH_mainposition (const Table *t, const TValue *key);
+LUAI_FUNC int luaH_isdummy (const Table *t);