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@@ -17,8 +17,27 @@ client is implemented entirely in Fortran.
LR-87 can be launched with an initial address, or it will default to
-[gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/](gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/). The
-default interface assumes you are at a dumb terminal, so you'll be presented
+## Binaries
+If you want to try out LR-87, you have a few choices:
+### Windows
+Builds for Windows are available at (https://bin.rainbow-100.com) as a simple Zip
+file. These builds are not signed, so modern Windows will likely bitch about
+### GNU/Linux
+LR-87 is available as a [Snap](https://snapcraft.io/lr87). Because packaging for
+GNU/Linux is such a nightmare, this is the only way it will be made available by
+## Dumb Terminal Mode
+The default interface assumes you are at a dumb terminal, so you'll be presented
with a nice Fortran-esque input prompt after the first page of a site is displayed.
The prompt supports paging, entering link numbers, going back, or quitting, and it
is somewhat self-explanatory. The user should be aware that the command, such as
@@ -35,6 +54,12 @@ first visible link, not the link labeled number 1 prior to page down. This
insane behavior is merely the product of the default renderer, not the underlying
code itself.
+## GUI Mode
+LR-87 can be built for Windows using the dumb terminal mode described above or
+using a GUI through the AppGraphics library, included with Simply Fortran. The
+GUI mode behaves much as one would expect.
## What's Not Supported
LR-87 works, but it does _not_ remember certificates, store history or bookmarks,
@@ -60,9 +85,9 @@ extended from the abstract "renderer" type, which handles parsing links and wrap
regular text internally. A new renderer would be relatively easy to generate if it
implemented the abstract interfaces in the "renderer" type.
-The code currently contains one implementation, "dumb_renderer," that assumes the
-user is at a dumb terminal. It assumes a fixed 80x24 terminal without any escape
+The code currently contains two implementations, "dumb_renderer," that assumes the
+user is at a dumb terminal, and "ag_renderer," that provides a GUI using the
+AppGraphics library from Simply Fortran.
## License