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2021-04-19Fixed rendering of single-character linesJeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Favorites and internal pages are now working. Added symbols to buttons in Wi...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-14end-of-file marker should no longer be printed.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-08Line wrapping now computed only once for proportional text unless requested b...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Fixed handling of status code in renderers. Added a desired_url variable to ...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-21Added binary handler for windows gui. Fixed opening and writing of binary fi...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-07Added a license that might annoy people. Added a readme and gave this mess a...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-06Fixed stream io under non-Windows systems. Updated non-Windows project.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-06Fixed silly Fortran mistakes regarding functions returning allocated strings....Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-05Actual client can now load and display a page using dumb_rendererJeffrey Armstrong
2020-04-24Initial code commitJeffrey Armstrong