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2021-05-13URLs that are just server names will now get an added slash.Jeffrey Armstrong
2021-04-19Switched back to scratch fileJeffrey Armstrong
2021-04-19Fixed rendering of single-character linesJeffrey Armstrong
2021-02-23Switched default site to medusae.space for non-windowsJeffrey Armstrong
2021-02-23Added favicon support. Fixed UTF-8 display on dumb renderer.Jeffrey Armstrong
2021-02-18Set tuning to native since this build machine is pretty old. Added placehold...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-09-25Added a homepage on Windows that showcases AppGraphics.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Favorites can be removed too. Added some robustness to loading favorites, es...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-11Favorites and internal pages are now working. Added symbols to buttons in Wi...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-10Fixed favorite loading that caused string filling and pointer crashes. Now c...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-08Added make_directory subroutine. Fixed allocatable favorites to be pointers ...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-08-08Initial work on favorites added. Probably flat-out wrong...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-18Improved line wrapping calcs to search for break from beginning of string. F...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-08Line wrapping now computed only once for proportional text unless requested b...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-06-03Added true error conditions to block infinite requests on failure.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Code cleanup and better error handling on the AppGraphics renderer.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Added an additional failure condition. Exit dumb_renderer on error with init...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-27Fixed handling of status code in renderers. Added a desired_url variable to ...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-23Introduced new handling of other protocols under windows. Likely broke dumb ...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-21Added binary handler for windows gui. Fixed opening and writing of binary fi...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-21Binary files are now actually handled in the dumb terminal version.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-14Added scrolling and status bar to windows GUI rendererJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-14Initial commit of an AppGraphics renderer that actually works, though it does...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-14Renderer class now has optional arguments for drawing text to indicate list i...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-07Added a license that might annoy people. Added a readme and gave this mess a...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-06Some minor memory safety improvementsJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-06File type is now returned for evaluation. Initial routines for saving implem...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-06Fixed handling of bad server response code. Made input requests in the dumb ...Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-06Back functionality now worksJeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-06Fixed silly Fortran mistakes regarding functions returning allocated strings....Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-05Added input handling with escaping, all untested.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-05Fixed link handling. Can now navigate links and page up/down.Jeffrey Armstrong
2020-05-05Actual client can now load and display a page using dumb_rendererJeffrey Armstrong